Friday, 1 February 2013

This weeks Stuff

Well work was cancelled this last couple of days due to high water levels at Bass lake so i took the opportunity to do some local birding.

On the Evening of the 29th i managed to catch up with the Adult Yellow Legged Gull but as it was absolutely chucking it down i never even got out the car so didn't photograph it.

On the 30th At Hawker Marsh the next village from home i checked a field full of gulls and found a Second Winter Med Gull with 70 Black-headed gulls. The weather was a little better so I Was hoping to photograph the Yellow Legged Gull at Whitehaven but i had just missed it.
On the 31st i had An hour on the pier which produced a steady stream of feeding Kittiwakes 70-80 going mostly south. 50 Red throated Diver with Plenty of Auks. Stumpy was in the car-park and another Adult med gull was out to sea.
Dave ruffles was watching from his car and had a Sabs gull...........but as you don't get them in January or February i knew this was bollocks and it was Dave up to his usual tricks and not being more careful with his identifications, no one had brought him that much needed collins guide for Christmas!!!!
I moved onto Parton for Keith's Adult Little Gull but couldn't find that, but there are pictures to prove that one  ;-) 2 Med Gulls adult and a 2nd winter were with the hundreds of gulls.

So now to today and a much better day with an hour on the pier over the rising tide produced 1 Adult Little Gull, 1 Razorbill 1 Guillemot few more auks much further out. 20 Red-throated divers sat on the water.
Adult Little Gull
Video click play
46 Purple Sandpipers were in there usual spot Stumpy was in the car park again so couldnt resist another picture, a second Adult Med Gull was out to sea again and a Fulmar and 2 Porpoise were seen. Only 1 Kittiwake.
Purple Sandpipers

Finished by checking Flimby Rugby Pitch where a nice Adult Med Gull in almost summer plumage was roosting.


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