Saturday, 24 December 2016

Goosing and Swaning around

Had the day around the Horsey, Waxham, Ludham area searching mainly for Cranes i couldnt find any so took the opportunity to look through the geese. There wasnt masses but there were a good enough number for me to pick out 4 Tundra Bean Geese and 14 European Whitefronted Geese at Waxham Barns with the Pinkfooted Geese.

We moved onto Sea palling where i spotted a handful of Swans in a pool opposite Cooks Farm. These were 8 Bewicks and a couple of Mutes.
This gave me the incentive to move onto Ludham Airfield where the Winter Swans were again for the winter. 18 Whooper Swans and 44 Bewick Swans, i just love em.
We never did see any Cranes but it was a great christmas eve.

Thanks again for reading my blogs and have a very Merry Christmas. :-)

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