Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sizergh Castle

Well a well earned free day so i nipped down to Sizergh to try to see and photograph the Hawfinch's at Sizergh Castle. I arrive just after 8 and the car park was empty bingo. Unfortunately it was empty of Hawfinch too. I set up camp and waited for the birds to turn up. After an hour a Hawfinch landed in tree opposite me but of coarse as soon as this happened the car park started to fill up with people and noisey dogs. I look around to tut! when i looked back a female Hawfinch was sat only yards away, 1 Bark of a dog and it was away never to be seen again Grrrrrr. So i waited till 12 and gave in. I did have some digiscoping practice on the common stuff.










  1. Nice Craig...u should of set jamie on them other hounds!

    1. your dead right there Ewan mate, he was sat with me good as gold. not a murmer..