Saturday, 30 March 2013

Soddy Gap MEGA!!!

Well didn't get out that early, before 8 i think today, met Keith on site and checked the ponds and surrounds, nothing much new in today. Keith left for better climbs but i stopped on. Half hour later i heard what i thought was the brief call of the Green Woodpecker... naaaaaaa cant be, so carried on scanning. The Water Rail made a very brief appearance today and i quickly went for the camera and got these long range shots.

Half hour later i was still looking and waiting for something to drop in but then i heard the Call of a Green Woodpecker again... Naaaa must be a dog surely, then again and again and eventually the full yaffle of the Green Woodpecker, Amazing really for a site like Soddy. So i went looking in the direction the call was coming from it was the Cricket pitch near the house. I heard it yaffling a couple more times but before i could get to the cricket pitch someone was walking there dog on there so it had probably gone.. TYPICAL, you will probably guess i was cursing under my breath!!! grrrr..
i came back picked Rach up and headed for Bassenthwaite lake. An Osprey had been reported yesterday but no sign whilst we were there today. 2 Grey Wagtail and the usual ducks. On leaving we could just make out the song of the Chiffchaff in Powter Howe Wood, but the road noise was a real pain.
Anyway great stuff.. 

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