Saturday, 6 July 2013

Bridled Tern part 2

Well after yesterdays very disappointing  DIP of the Bridled Tern on the Farnes, today the bird turned up at Cresswell ponds briefly but Keith and I were in the car ready to go, that was till it bugged off back high out to sea.. Damn Damn Damn... well in a sulk I said right that's it I'm not bothering.
An hour later the bird was back at Cresswell so OK OK we must give it a chance, with a bit of a  persuasive help from a call from a mate, cheers Mark ;-)
So driving at a reasonable speed we arrived on site to no news but people running towards the beach had to be a good sign, so parked up and did some running ourselves. Bingo the bird was feeding out to sea with a couple of Little Gulls and feeding by chasing the Common Terns and robbing them of there catch. What a great bird and bigger than I imagined. We watched this bird for a good 20 minutes before it flew off towards East Chevington. We waited a while to see if it would come back so did a seawatch picking up 60+ Manxies, and 2 Arctic Skuas.
The Tern wasn't coming back so we headed up to East Chevington and scanned the islands with loads of Terns present INCLUDING the Bridled Tern BINGO wow from here we had more distant but very nice views of the bird as again it hassled the other Terns and finally sat on the ground. It flew off back out to sea so we headed home much more content.
Couple of distant shots, didn't show as well as it did on the Farnes unfortunately.
What a relief!!! click pics to view full size.


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