Friday, 5 July 2013


Keith and I made the last minuite decision to go visit the Inner Farnes for the very rare Bridled Tern
We waited all morning for the bird to show up on the rocks as it had done all week. Nothing at all. So 12 oclock comes and the wardens chuck everyone off the island so they could have there dinner, why they didn't just stagger there dinner between um we will never no. So everyone left the island and 40 minutes latter an X WARDEN apparently saw the bird on the rock but by time everyone was allowed back on it had already gone. We waited another 4 hours to nothing..What a load of Bolloxs and very unhappy birders!!!
So I did take some pics of the Arctic Tern and Puffins. Bonxie and a Manxie were the only other birds of note really.. BALLS!!!

This last shot is a bird many people kept calling a Roseate Tern but is just an arctic Tern.

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