Sunday, 14 June 2015


WOW Rare birds everywhere......except Suffolk and even less on the patch Grrrrrr.
Nothing all week felt like not even a sparra...Saturday I was out pretty much all day. I went on patch in the morning and the evening and up to Gunton woods and meadows through the day. bloody rubbish so I had to make do with some Orchids and insects. I couldn't find the Orchid I wanted which was the Green Winged, maybe its already over?

Common Spotted Orchid (white variant)
 Common Spotted
Common Twayblade 
Early Purple 
Bee Orchid 
Bee Orchid 
Sulphur Tubic 
Yellow Shell

Today it was just as bad. Started with a seawatch, nothing moving except 14 Common Scoter. The best bird all morning however were 2 Common Terns over the New Sewage works, an unusual sight. I took a pic of a Blackcap and a Chiffchaff.
60 Swifts over the house.

Dragonflies on site were my first ever Norfolk Hawker.

A couple of Azure Dragonflies.

I really hope the Autumns better.

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