Saturday, 14 January 2017

Waxwings and stuff

So i had to nip into work first thing so had to nip out late morning where Rach n i headed for Beccles for some Reported Waxwings. We found them straight away and after a short while showed well low down for some time, we even went for lunch and came back for seconds.

This Blackbird posed much better than the waxwings.

Checked some Gulls at Beccles as we went past but nothing out the ordinary. Moved onto Ness point when 3 Purple Sandpipers showed nicely.

Whilst watching the waders a Gull caught my eye distantly. it had grey primaries, so i moved towards North Denes to investigate and just as i was going to scope the bird it flew off the groins. Luckily it moved further down where i was able to photograph it. My initial impression was a Viking Gull or Pale Herring gull as id never seen a Viking Gull with such a long PP. turns out Viking gulls can have long PP so a Viking Gull it is and now i realise its probably one that had been about just before Christmas. 

Finally a couple of Med gulls on the sea.

Turned out to quite a nice day birding

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