Sunday, 3 January 2021

New Year New list

 Back to work tomorrow but I could quite happily take another 2 weeks please. Ive had a great time birding locally as usual and its been nice to have that time spare. Ive not had any real time off at all this year so i was certainly ready for a break. I had to make the most of it and i think i have, too much, that's why i need more of it :-) Works boring and gets in the way of birding. 

Anyway since January 1st Ive seen 90 species all within 6 miles from home and mostly on foot. 

Highlights being the 12 Bean Geese 1 Pink footed goose and 250 White-fronted Geese at Hollesley.

At Staverton Pools The Great White Egret and the Hooded Merganser were still present. Not many other highlights just lots of common stuff. 

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