Saturday, 31 August 2013

Skuas and Family

Well no birding done this past couple of days because I've had family over but when has that really ever stopped me. So sat by the Outdoor Swimming pool which I have, ok that I have as part of my communal pool where I'm stopping, posh bugger me,  ;-). I was able to watch a flock of 50ish Gulls mainly Black headed with 8 Med Gulls catching flying ants, then 1 Little Gull too.

Anyway the family left and I was shatterd, kids are tiring, so here I was nodding on the sofa about 18-15 when Rob called from up the coast, Juvenile Long-tailed skua heading my way so out the door and within 60 seconds I'm watching a Juvenile Long-tailed Skua, Tern like and flying around in circles as it lingered for a short while before heading off North. Also here were again loads of Med Gulls, Little Gulls and common Terns. 3 Gannet past too.
Today 31st met me facebook buddy Baz hoping to get him the Red-backed Shrike but it had gone over night, and the other one at the Turbine had done a bunk too. But whilst searching we had 3 Spotted flycatcher, 1 Male Redstart and a Lesser Whitethroat, plus a few Blackcaps and the commoner stuff. 

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