Friday, 27 June 2014

Pink Stink

So its June and things are getting very quiet birdwise but on the patch 3 Red Eyed Damselfy and 2 Emperor Dragonflys
The Weekend was a complete loss when it came to birding as I was moving to my new home just up the road. We had been renting until now, brought a home just 300 yards away with a  a great garden and a Raptor watching bedroom window 
Sunday though started to hot up a little with a Rose-colored Starling turning up in Lowestoft. I was in no rush as I was still unpacking but after tea I decided id like a look. I got down to the Harbour and watched the bird with a few thousand European Starlings, unfortunately though it was very distant.
Now to Monday the Starling had been found again in a birders garden feeding on fat balls so I just had to have another look after work. Stunning looking bird, almost a full adult. I did manage a handful of shots.
Still quiet on the patch all week, good job footies on although bye bye England!


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