Saturday, 23 August 2014

Yellow Legged Gull or Not.

So no blog for past couple of weeks, that's just because ive seen no birds, and its not for lack of trying either.
Today however things hotted up just a tiny bit with a female type Marsh Harrier distantly from COSW.
Chiffchaff was singing away and 2 Common Whitethroat.
Got around to the NSW where a juvenile gull stuck out. My impression was a Yellow Legged Gull but a very subtle one not like the striking white headed individuals I normally see. So I took  a few picks and checked when I got home. Sent it to a couple of gull experts who were fairly happy with it being correct. Although the pics weren't great.
I'd expect a YLG to show some replaced scaps which I couldn't see, although its possible that it didn't have any,- on structure still most likely a YLG. 
Click to enlarge.

If anyone thinks differently please bung me an mail :-)

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