Sunday, 7 February 2016


Monday 28th Jan after work it was a nice evening and just light enough to do some birding, Firecrest, Woodcock and 2 Tawny Owls were brilliant down at Corton Woods.

During the week the Firecrest was in the garden again, it can only be wintering closeby, we have a large conifer tree two doors away and a conifer hedge in the garden, I can only assume its wintering in these. Awesome....
The patch is still quiet but a Seawatch yesterday had me watching a Fulmar, several Red Throated divers Brent Goose, a Wood pigeon in off, a possible Little Auk and lots of Gannets and Kittiwakes.
Next I visited Blythburgh, and watched a Green Winged Teal on the Blyth although very distant. The bird had a White nazal collar on which marked the bird as one being recorded in Portugal. it was ringed as a juvenile male at São Jacinto Dunes Nature Reserve, Aveiro, Portugal on 21/01/2015. Since then it has stayed in the area until at least 10/02/2015 when it was next reported and photographed in Suffolk on 01/02/2016 and was still there today.
First time id watched from here so it was nice to see 80+ Avocets, 25+ Grey plover, 2 Knot along with hundreds of Dunlin and Redshank.
We moved onto Hen Reedbed where we had a few sightings of the Great White Egret, it just wouldn't settle anywhere for photos. I was hoping to photograph the local kingfisher too but the diary stated it had been taken by a Sparrowhawk....
This Little Grebe was the only bird to photograph.

Moved onto Dunwich Rd Blythburgh where I checked the gulls, 5 Yellow Legged and 3 Caspian Gulls were the pick of the bunch.

3rd Winter YLG

This bird could have Herring Gull Genes however. Strange bold subterminal anchors in 2nd gen coverts.

Caspian Gulls
Today another Seawatch from Corton but the light made viewing difficult so not much to report except a large Female Peregrine Adult Med Gull, 4 Shelduck and 7 Wigeon.

Back in the garden where I spent the rest of the day mowing and tidying to the sounds of the Firecrest again :-)

A lovely Weekend.

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