Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Leach's Petrel

Well I was due home to Suffolk today, so took the dogs for a run before leaving on my walk I took my bins and walked along the north promenade and whilst on the walk I spotted a cracking close Leach's Petrel flying north.
So after walking dogs I headed for Workington thinking id see many more from here. its a bit low for watching at Maryport but after about 3 hours I hadn't spotted another Petrel!!!!  I should have gone home instead.
Birds I did see were

Juv Pom

8 Sandwich Tern

6 Guillemot

3 Red-throated Diver

19 Common Scoter.

1 Tufted duck South

7 Bar-tailed Godwit and 5 Dunlin South.

Stumpy in car park and either her or another adult out to sea and in Harbour. Only saw 1 at any one time.

Many Gannets

3 Kittiwakes 

1 Wheatear on Beach

1 Rock Pipit.
Definatly going home tomorrow. I would have gone to Spurn today for the Great Snipe had a cat not killed it through the night.

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