Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Trimley Marsh

Well I decided it was time to go south to Ipswich and Trimley Marsh's I think people were laughing at me behind my back cos the walk to the Marsh was 3 miles away unknown to me. The walk went on and on and on. id have taken me bike had I of known as the track down was a really good track, so why the car park is so far away is anyone's guess.  So I finally got on site and nipped into the first hide I didn't have a clue where I was in relation to the Siberian Stonechat that I had come to see. The map was rubbish and the Visitor centre that was open mon-wed and weekends was shut too (eh its Tuesday). Great!
I did spot a couple of birders looking in some general direction so wondered what they were looking at, luckily it was the Siberian Stonechat, Bingo!.
Whilst stood watching the Stonechat, Brent Geese were calling behind me, a Spotted Redshank calling then flew over head then a second as did 37 Avocet and 2 Ruff., and a Greenshank. As I was leaving 44 Black-tailed Godwit flew over too. I wanted to view the pool that the waders had landed in but for some stupid reason the hide that looked like it would view this pool was SHUT! Muppets!. So I could only view from the bank through the reeds and I could only see a fraction of the pool. Rubbish! 2 Med Gulls was nice.
Someone here needs to review there policy on this site. Its and Extremely long walk so ALL hides should be open...

After my fill of the site I made the 3 mile walk back to the car picking up Little Egrets and a nice Brambling.

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