Thursday, 9 February 2012

European Whitefronted Geese

Well being out an about birding yesterday i made the mistake of neglecting the Main area of Soddy Gap. I found out that Tom had found 11 European Whitefronted geese on the field very close to the pond... buggerrr. Now it wasn't the end of the world as id had 2 for 3 weeks on the ponds before Christmas i think it was. The Boss rang me this morning saying jobs now off for this week so i rushed down to Soddy slipping and sliding along the way to find they were still here wohooo nice find Tom, although you missed a couple, there were now 13 and a Greylag. The weather was dull and drizzly so there were no colours or light to get any decent shots so make of these what you will.

On the main pond was a small open bit of water full of Wildfowl. The Long-tailed duck had returned, Goosanders, Mallards, Coots, Wigeon and 40 odd Teal. Snipe over head and a couple of BH Gulls.
Goldcrest and a few Great and Blue Tits in the woodland. The Geese were still there on my way back with a couple of Canada Geese joining them.  I thought about going to see the Owls but the weathers not good for Owls so carefully made my way home.

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