Monday, 2 January 2012

2nd January 2012 Own Stuff

Today Keith and I's task was to find our own stuff so made our way along the back lanes to Abbeytown where on the way we saw very little it was still early and a bit dark. We Arrived at Abbeytown to check some Geese and Swans we found, It was a Great surprise when we noticed around 50 Whitefronted Geese mainly European with some Greenland, so whilst i was counting these Keith noticed a couple of Bewick Swans...Bingo then i found another 3.  So that was a great start to our day.
Euro Whitefronts

Bewick Swan and Greenland Whitefronts

Bewick Swan
We moved onto Old Sandsfield overlooking Rockcliff marsh, checking any geese on the way. When we got there thousands of Barnacles were present including 3 Leucistic individuals and 12 Euro Whitefronts. After a while i spotted a Snow goose type slightly bigger than Barnys with a gleaming white head and belly but dark back a clear hybrid but just way too far for positive parentage. The Ross's Goose was no where to be seen, although it flew in for other birders later... We found our way to Scotland stopping at Castle loch for a reported American wigeon, but couldn't find it. We did find a small flock of Pinks with 13 Euro Whitefronts and a Greenland Whitefront. We finished our day back in Cumbria trailing around the back lanes again but didn't see anything out the ordinary, including missing some Bean Geese that had returned to the spot Keith and i found before Christmas (Blackdyke).
Still another very very Good Day.

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