Tuesday, 3 January 2012

3rd January Snow Goose

Well today i was either supposed to be at work or Decorating the Bathroom, but somehow id gone birding, and I'm glad i did. Keith picked me up and we headed to Soddy Gap for the long staying Female Long-tailed duck for the year list. 291 Goosander were also present, Soddy is becoming nationally important for Goosander with max counts over 300.

After this we Drove the lanes to Abbeytown where we had found the Bewicks and Whitefronts yesterday. Today there were a lot more Geese and after a bit of Scanning we noticed a superb Blue morph Snow goose, what a find usually these are hybrids but this one looks like the real deal. Its really difficult taking photos at the moment the weather is just so poor.

The Whoopers were hidden so we only managed a couple of Bewicks but still 50 odd Whitefronts. We had a hunt round for some Bean Geese and the Ross's Goose but no luck with those today.
Almost forgot the Little Egret that flew past us at Old Sandfield.

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