Sunday, 24 February 2013


Nipped up to Mawbray to try photograph the Twite seeing as the sun was out for a change. Mixed results but on the whole OK..
One was color ringed ill update with the results when i get them. Left leg White Over Red . Right Leg Green Over White.




Saturday, 23 February 2013

Soddy and Siddick Ponds

At Soddy gap, 4 Tree Sparrow, 5 Skylark, 16 tufties, 2 Drake Pochard, 4 Goosander, 2 Female Goldeneye, Teal and Mallard. 1 Snipe.

Siddick ponds 6 Whooper Swan, 4 Water Rail (heard)

Monday, 18 February 2013

Short eared Owl

Well its the first sunny day this year for me and so nipped out for a few pictures of the short-eared Owl that was luckily still hanging around the dunes at Mawbray.


Friday, 15 February 2013

No Internet DOHH!!!!

Well Ive been without access to the Internet properly since Saturday so got a couple of updates to do.

After work on Monday (11th), i stopped off at a known Little Owl site, i need it for a year tick. Luckily it was sat there in the tree happily. I didn't have my scope or camera and only had my super zoom camera so had to make do with this awful shot. Of coarse i went back the Tuesday with scope and camera, yeh it wasn't there typical lol. Its there honest right in the middle ;-)

Remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Sunday was spent at Soddy Gap (10th) all morning, had a really good ratch around with a little bit of reward.
Started with 35 Skylark, then a superb Barn Owl. A rare bird in the form of a Female Gadwall.

I flushed a Woodcock. 3 Goldeneye 1 drake displaying. 2 Drake Pochard. Usual ducks a Buzzard and a Grey heron.

At the dump 4 Buzzard. Great spotted woodpecker and a Stock dove. Think that was it.

Saturday (9th) Rach n I headed for Penrith and the Waxwings. Initially we couldnt find any but did see 10 Brambling and 40+ Siskin with a couple of Lesser Redpoll.

We then headed into town for a walk around. On our return to the car a flock of 42 Waxwings flew over and landed near Morrisons and eventually showed really nicely. Pity it was pissing it down as usual, so these shots were as good as they were gonna get. Still nice to see.



Sunday, 3 February 2013

Day 2 of the North East.

Well yesterday was brill, so today it was going to a leisurely trip home via Edinburgh. We went back to Barns Ness for the Water Pipit and today it showed really nicely although it was still bloody windy and dull. Its amazing how similar to Littoralis Rock Pipit, or Scandinavian Rock Pipit as they are also known.

And littoralis rock pipit/Scandinavian Rock Pipit below. Close Eh. In all honesty i took a few pics of this bird by accident, the Water pipit and Rock Pipit were in exactly the same area.

So after my fill of the Water Pipit we moved North along the coast checking any bays for sea birds. It was great. Gannet year tick, Velvet Scoter loads Year tick, Red-necked Grebe (x2)Year tick, like i said it was great. We also had the usual Eider, Long-tailed Ducks and another Slavonian Grebe. A distant diver looked like a Great Northern. We then finished birding and went to the Falkirk Wheel. A Great couple of days had... 

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Holy Island

Rach n i decided Friday afternoon we would spent the weekend over near Holy Island, and so shot quickly to our Friday night accommodation Purdy Lodge.
Next morning we awaited the tide to subside at half nine to get onto Holy Island. Half way across the causeway a nice start in the form of a showy Long-tailed Duck. Then as we got to the main car park a stoat in Ermine shot across the road. Parked up and headed for the site of the Cattle Egret on the Crooked loaning. firstly though checking the pool for anything unusual, but nothing withing the gulls or ducks but a Black-tailed Godwit and a hunting Barn Owl.

So now onto find the Cattle Egret initially no sign but then it came from behind a wall and showed nicely in the field in front of us. A great looking bird.

I then went looking for my own stuff around the castle and the Priory hill. The Brents were on the beach, and when i got to the priory i scoped 11 Slavonian Grebe 3 more Long-tailed duck this time all males and a couple of Red-throated Divers.

We were just about to go for lunch when i got wind of a Long-eared Owl at the Cattle Egret site so rushed back over to see that cracker too.

So now it was time for lunch and a change of venue, we did the tourist thing and walked the walls around Berwick upon tweed a great bit of history. After this we finished at Barns Ness for Water Pipit. In the Rocks were Dunlin and 4 Purple Sandpiper.

It was getting dark now so headed back to the lodge ready for another day tomorrow. Great Day!