Sunday, 28 March 2021

Patching and Migrants starting to appear.

 9th March

On the patch at Hollesley this morning were 2 White Wagtail, the Little Ringed Plover still. 8 White-fronted geese,  Peregrine in its usual tree. 4 Buzzards, 1 Marsh harrier and a Rock Pipit in fields  behind screen which people are reporting as a Water Pipit I believe.

First Butterfly of the year through the garden is a Red Admiral minus the Peacock hibernating in my shed.

13th March 
Today had seen a fall of wagtails 6 Whites and 27 Pied. 16 white-fronted geese still in fields .  On the main flash were 1 Little Ringed Plover still, 2 Adult Yellow Legged Gulls and, 1 Adult Caspian Gull

14th March 
14 White-fronted geese still, 1 White Wagtail, a Green Sandpiper on the flood behind the screen and 11 Avocet on main flash for the first time this year.

17th March
Had a visit to Staverton Pools again where the Hooded Merganser was disappointingly still there. The longer it stays the less Genuine it becomes. A Juv White Fronted Goose was new for the site for me at least. Marsh Tit still and a pied wagtail roost of 40 was appearing.

March 19th, 20th and 21st
19th 4 White Wagtail, 2 Little Owl now, 16 White-fronted geese 18 Barnacles, Kingfisher, Peregrine, Tawny owl calling, out to sea, Gannets, lots of Red Throated Divers and a small raft of Common Scoter.
20th 22 Snipe, 22 Barnacles and 11 White-fronted geese.
21st. 20 White-fronted geese, 800 to 1000 Starlings and a White wagtail.

March 25th
Popped into Boyton after work to find 4 Nice Spoonbill, 4 Pink footed Geese a fly over Bittern and a Chiffchaff. 

26th March 
Back at Hollesley and migrants really starting to appear now with a distant Male Wheatear, Chiffchaff singing although 11 White-fronted geese were still here. A peregrine made a fly past and a Pink-footed goose was with Greylags.

Back in the Garden the Badgers and Fox's were still with us. 

March 27th 
An 80 Species day today. All my records go on EBird these days as it calculates where you have been etc. pretty good app, still don't know how to use it fully but the basics for me is good, shows what species when and where .
Walked from home along the River bank to Boyton and it was pretty good. Highlights were 3 Sand-martin, 1 Swallow 2 Wheatear 4 Spoonbill again but in flight, 2 Chiffchaff and 5 Pink-footed geese 4 at Boyton 1 at Hollesley. 11 White-fronted Geese Hollesley and 1 with Greylags at Boyton. 1 Summer Plum Black tailed Godwit at Hollesley with many more at Boyton. Avocets number slowly growing at both sites.  A Brent Goose at Boyton and a few Yellowhammers.

March 28th
Will be going out shortly.


Garden birds.

The Gardens been excellent and its been costing me a fortune in bird food, although i got lucky with some Niger seed as a bag broke in transit so got sent back, a new bag got sent out then i got both bags delivered. Bonus. So the amount of niger seed ive been putting out meant huge numbers of Lesser Redpoll (30) with a couple of Common Redpolls and some intermediate types too.

Siskin was new for the Garden, plenty flew over but never visited. A Male and Female joined the Redpoll for some time.

Brambling was another great bird that visited just for 1 day, a nice male coming into summer plumage.

 Lastly got lucky with this Male Sparrowhawk, it visited only for a few seconds but i was already taking pics of the other birds. 

As of today 28th March still up to 10 Redpoll but numbers of birds are reducing. Breeding season is quickly approaching.

Sunday, 7 March 2021

7th and 8th March

 7th March

Spent holy in the garden watching the now 15+ Lesser Redpolls with at least 2 Common Redpolls. First set of pics. They were very confusing with some intermediate Redpolls, sort of ones on the edge of Common and Lesser. 

Intermediate below as this was small.

Lesser Redpoll

Male and Female Siskin visited the feeders for the first time. and it was also nice to get Make and Fe,ale Great Spotted Woodpecker too. Female Blackcap an unringed individual today.  

8th March

Back on patch and one of the best days in a long time. Walker Clockwise today, usually anti clockwise which proved a very good move. The Staverton Pools Great White egret paid a visit to Hollelsy today. Then i found a Little Ringed Plover on winter flood, a patch tick, a few Common Scoter on the sea a single White wagtail on winter flood and then back to the hide where 2 Spoonbill dropped in and showed really nicely. I scoped the little owl from the screen and Tawny Owl was calling and then i got to my Little owl tree and it was sat out showing nicely. A Great day for pictures. Felt very lucky.


Single Whitefront still

Little Owl, Spoonbill and the White Wagtail.

Finally 2 Caspian Gulls, Ringed Herring Gull and this Brute of a Northern Herring Gull.

Great Finish to the weekend.