Sunday, 28 March 2021

Garden birds.

The Gardens been excellent and its been costing me a fortune in bird food, although i got lucky with some Niger seed as a bag broke in transit so got sent back, a new bag got sent out then i got both bags delivered. Bonus. So the amount of niger seed ive been putting out meant huge numbers of Lesser Redpoll (30) with a couple of Common Redpolls and some intermediate types too.

Siskin was new for the Garden, plenty flew over but never visited. A Male and Female joined the Redpoll for some time.

Brambling was another great bird that visited just for 1 day, a nice male coming into summer plumage.

 Lastly got lucky with this Male Sparrowhawk, it visited only for a few seconds but i was already taking pics of the other birds. 

As of today 28th March still up to 10 Redpoll but numbers of birds are reducing. Breeding season is quickly approaching.

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