Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Patch Gold

It was a long day at work so it was a late finish but the dogs still needed a walk so off we went around the patch, it was very quiet with the odd Whitethroat, Blackcap and Chiffchaffs. It wasn't until I got to the New Sewage works that things started to happen. 2 Very scarce Grey Partridge by the main gates a patch tick, then flew off west when a couple of ladies walked past a little too close. Made it to the ponds when a black bird flew into the trees with what I thought was pale wing patch's. When I found it sat in the tree I was surprised to see it WAS a cracking looking Male Ring Ouzel. After this it went quiet and time for tea...Typical though It was just a Binocular day never took scope.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Burgh Castle

Had a lovely morning at Burgh Castle, arrived at high tide so there were just a few waders roosting.
As the tide dropped 5 Greenshank, 2 Summer plumaged Spotted Redshanks, 2 Common Sandpipers, 9 Whimbrel and an Avocet came into view.
A Pinkfooted goose was lingering with a handful of Greylags and Canadas.
Marsh Harriers put on a great close display and a hybrid hoodie turned up.
Butterflies were Orange Tips, Large and Small Whites and a Green Veined White. A Hairy Dragonfly put in a nice early appearance.
Later on we missed a Spoonbill. Doh!
Lovely morning in the sun.
Below a Spot Red and Greenshank.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Spring has finally Sprung.

On the Patch during the week has been fairly quiet, but Firecrest singing by the church, more Whimbrel 1 in fields behind the Church and then 3 together at the Old Sewage Works, my first Lesser Whitethroat of the year. Common Whitethroats all over the place and a Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming.
102 Species now hit for Corton alone this year.
Few pics of Chiffchaff and Whimbrel.

So back to today.. Amazing is all ill say. A Wryneck had been at Benacre all week but I never imagined it would stay for the weekend. My plan for today was to cover the patch then go over to Benacre to look for the Wryneck, the plan change when a Hoopoe was found on Kessingland Beach so headed straight over there at 7 this morning. Photographers were pushing the bird all over the place so it wasn't looking very good and initially only saw the hoopoe in flight. So I headed to Benacre with Rob instead, its within walking distance luckily. On Arriving at the Wryneck site we were to be disappointed with a no show since 530. We gave it a little while and was just about to leave when someone spotted it, but very briefly. After another short wait it finally gave itself up showing really nicely.

A Whisked Tern had turned up at Minsmere whilst watching the Wryneck it had headed out to sea so went and did a short seawatch just incase I  was lucky enough to pick it up going past. I wasn't that lucky. 3 Sandwich Terns though. My first Sedge Warbler of the year and a Ring Ouzel in the Sluice bush's.
Back at the Hoopoe spot people were still chasing but I did manage to wait long enough for it to come to me just briefly as I tucked myself away hidden slightly. No field skills some people.
I was cold an damp now so headed home.. Brilliant mornings birding.

Monday, 21 April 2014


So its been a busy bank holiday weekend and I was shattered and didn't really want to get up early this morning so stopped in  bed till 7 and was out door by 7-15 (still too bloody early). Very glad I did though as I walked around the bend at the start of the patch I was greeted with the familiar sound of a Nightingale, I had to listen twice and then make sure no one was using a tape. They weren't it actually was a Nightingale singing BINGO patch GOLD. Managed to get a mini twitch going, always glad when everyone gets to see my birds. First Twitchable one in the area for years and only a 2nd for Corton. James picked up a female Marsh Harrier and a couple of Swallows .
The morning carried on in the same sort of vain as I walked to Radar lodge and back picking up 2 Yellow Wagtail, a Yellow Hammer patch tick and then 2 Greylag geese flew right over my head another patch tick. A Whimbrel flew over and 70-80 Sandmartin were on the cliff top. A cracking male Wheatear was the last bird here.
 Back at Corton church my first Common Whitethroat of the year and another at Corton NSW.
 By now it was 11am so thought id go back see if the Nightingale was still about but in the 15 min I was there no sight or sound.
Home time to sit In the sun writing me Blog... done! ;-)

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Bit of everything.

Last week at work was very quiet until Thursday when the  lizards were spotting loads of migrants so I was a bit miffed I was at work missing it all. So I went out after work but couldn't find there migrants so had to find me own. Started amazingly as I spotted a cracking Hobby although in truth I only saw it flying away but put it down as a Hobby but then luckily met Rene who watched the bird fly right over his head.
The other really nice bird was a Common Swift my earliest ever!!!  A Quick story, I was honestly thinking if I saw a swift this early what would it be then in an instance the Swift flew over.. Fate??? who knows ;-)
Anyway I was disappointed that I was heading back to Cumbria tonight to sort my other house out, fit a couple of Storage heaters and do the garden and cleaning so my birding in Suffolk this weekend was going to be limited unfortunately. We stopped over in chesterfield (mother in laws) then headed to Cumbria next morning.
Our only stop was to Bassenthwaite Lake for Osprey which showed nicely. Oh yeh and a Red Grouse over Stainmore Pass.

During Saturday in between sorting the house Tree Pipit, Stonechats and a quick stop into my old patch Soddy Gap 8 Tree Sparrows, 5 Wheatear.

Now to Today. Left Cumbria at 6 am as I was just dying to get home. Dotterel and Ring Ouzel were on my radar for once I got home. These had been found at Kessingland. I didn't really think they would stick but luckily for me stick they did and great views of both. Spent quiet a bit of time with the Dotterel and new friend Danny too. Thanks also goes to the lizards for keeping me updated.
So the weather wasn't great but just good enough for some record shots.
Oh how I love Suffolk! Back to the patch tomorrow.


And some of the Ring Ouzels 4 males in total.


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Black Redstart

Very late start today, not been on patch all weekend but did walk from home to Ness Point but disappointingly quiet. A Fulmar North, a few Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs in the woods and a couple of brief view of a Black Redstart at Ness point in the Turbine compound, very illusive though.

Saturday, 12 April 2014


A really really good day in the Brecks today with almost all target species noted. The drive to Santon Downham produced my first House Martin of the year. Then arrived at Santon Downham and parked up to here Firecrest Singing. Then the amazing noise of what sounded like hundreds of Brambling, through the morning we probably did see hundreds, there were a lot at least, mixed with Redpoll and Siskin. We found Marsh Tit on the walk Downstream then Green Woodpecker singing and just after, our first target singing Lesser Spotted woodpecker. We searched high n low for it but failed in the search to physically see the bleeder, Always tricky ive found em here. 4 More Marsh Tits a Common Crossbill and then 2 Drake Mandarine Duck. On the way back a Great Spotted Woodpecker Drumming, so that's all 3 Woodpeckers heard but not seen.

We then headed for MayDay farm to try for Goshawk, we sat and had lunch near the hide and were rewarded with brief views of a Male and a Female, as well as Sparrowhawks. Crossbills were all around us here.
It was a sort of twitch n run Mayday as I wanted to get to Lynford for the 2 Barred Crossbills. We wernt to be disappointed with a 1st summer Male and then an adult male showing. The young bird even came down to drink from the pool just briefly.
More Marsh Tit and another singing Firecrest. Dipped on Hawfinch again, just couldn't find one, they had been reported too.

Finished the day at Weeting Heath with great views of Stone Curlew.

It was getting on now so headed home after a very good day.

Sunday, 6 April 2014


Out on patch again early this morning and first time ive been really disappointed. 3 White Wagtail, Sandmartins, Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps was it. Gave it a right good going over too.
So Came back had some breakfast then nipped out to Winterton Dunes. firstly covering South Dunes but just a Willow Warbler. Then on to the North side where some Ring Ouzels had been found. Struggled initially so just sat on a hill and waited. 30 minutes went by when finally I spotted a cracking male in the distance, then 2-3 and finally 4 birds together. Don't think ive ever seen 4 together. Went for a closer look and they showed fairly well but in deep cover. Amazing how they disappear into the smallest bush. Finished here and moved onto Horsey for a late lunch and then home. Cettis calling at Horsey.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Local Migrants.

Yesterday I picked up another White Wagtail a couple more Wheatear and my first singing Blackcaps of the year.

Today was excellent went out first thing and picked up 30+ Sandmartins, a Swallow flew North and South. A couple of Groups of Common scoter on the sea with half a dozen Red throated Divers. An Adult Med Gull distantly and plenty of Gannets.
In to the woods no less than 5 Blackcaps singing.
Came home had lunch relaxed Watched a Swallow and 2 Buzzard from the balcony and then went out again this evening. Amazing the movement here. Now 5 White wagtails and a rare Willow Warbler singing.
Nice day had.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Local Migrants

Now Monday the birding instinct kicked in, covering the patch and walking the Disused railway my eye was drawn to a flying insect. With only bins I was lucky enough to see the insect land on a tree branch. I wouldn't normally look at insects really but for some reason this one drew my eye. It was a Beefly my very first one ever wow. I knew it was a Beefly because I had seen Minsmere report one a week before and in my curiosity I googled it.. im very glad I did. Now your turn to google it :-)

So the rest of the week on the patch has been very quiet but it was all go today, sort of. Started on the clifftop and picked out a very nice White Wagtail, then soon after a Northern Wheatear.

Moving onto the Disused railway a Blackcap was happily singing away. Chiffchaff all over the place and then a flock of 5 and 7 Fieldfare landed in trees by the New Sewage works.
2 Herons in my new heronry ;-)
Green Woodpeckers, Linnets and a Common Buzzard was the pick of the rest.
Till Tomorrow, I feel a Rare in the Air...