Sunday, 26 May 2019

Pensthorpe Birdfair

Day at the birdfair, fabulous actually, got all my Leica Gear serviced by David the leica repair man superb service and then met Bill Oddie, Mike Dilger and Simon King.

Had some Digiscoping practice whilst there,


May as well pack it in. Seen nowt since returning from Lesvos, which ive still got to start the blog for that. A few butterflies Green hairstreak and Small Copper.

Common Sandpiper over the garden.

So ive headed for my new patch Hollesley RSPB near woodbridge, House is sold and a new one brought hopefully just waiting to sign contracts.
Anyway my first trip properly to the area. 4 Garganey, lots of Avocet, Geese, Reed and Sedge Warbler, Common Waders, White Wagtail, Whimbrel, Common Seal i think they were and plenty of Terns. 8 Greenshank

Ill start on my Lesvos blog soon