Saturday, 27 June 2020


5 Green and 2 Wood sand on site last weekend, a nice Summer plumage Spotted Redshank, 4 Knot too.

The Little Owl stook around long enough for a decent picture this time.

Visited Winks meadow for some Orchids, Pyramidal, Bee and Frog Orchid.

On the new garden pond Emperor and Broad Bodied chaser, as well as Azure Damselfly's.

Barn Owl back on patch

Boyton the Avocets were in nice light again. Cuckoo all over the lace 3 at Hollesley 2 at Boyton and one heard from the garden.

Thursday, 11 June 2020


Blimey i didn't realise it had been so long since my last blog. I'm going to have to summerise as i will just bore you all with dates and the same old same old.

Staring with the Little Owl i managed to spot at the end of the road as i traveled to work, showed great but i did only have my phone to take any pictures. I have since found a 2nd bird that shows well on a daily basis but i must learn to be ready to take a pic, it fly's as soon as it see me.

On Hollesley Common Nightjar were brilliant at night, on patch and unbelievably exciting, but not as exciting as hearing them from the Garden, yes that's right i can hear Nightjar from the Garden.
Common Redstart showed nicely on the common too.

Avocets have formed a daily part of my watches at Hollesley but unfortunately the Crows, Kestrels and Gulls have had them all, including the Redshank young and Lapwings chicks. Just 1 Oystercatcher left. Boyton has fared much better and an evening down there gave me the opportunity for some atmospheric digiscoped shots.

A Badger was wandering the scrape earlier in the evening. Turtle dove still about another great species for the site.

Dragonfly's took center stage for a while when i found Large Red Eyed Damselfly, i though these were rare but i've now had them on both my new and old patch's.
Common Blue Damselfly, Four spot chasers, Hairy Dragonfly and Broad bodied chasers too. in that order on the pics.

Back on Hollesley scrape the Common Terns returned to breed and failed. Spoonbill have been daily with up to 7 Birds. Cuckoo up to 3 again daily.

Redshank posing 

Back on the Common Dartfords showed distantly and a couple of Hobby took up residence for a while

Digi-scoping the dogs took over some days as it was really quiet.

Hares have been pretty hard to capture until lately, seems more content with chasing each other around.

Wheatear in mid May was a nice surprise.

A great find in the garden was this Hydrophilus piceus Great Silver Water Beetle first in my 10km square for many many years.

Then in the moth trap this Dytiscus marginalis Great Diving Beetle, which is actually smaller

Its been the month for a good variety of Hawkmoths and a Cream Spot tiger.

Spider Pisaura mirabilis

Another Spider Salticus scenicus

Panorpa communis Scorpion Fly 

Think that is about the highlights for this month. Need to find the real goodies, theirs plenty showing up i just cant find em here yet...