Thursday, 3 April 2014

Local Migrants

Now Monday the birding instinct kicked in, covering the patch and walking the Disused railway my eye was drawn to a flying insect. With only bins I was lucky enough to see the insect land on a tree branch. I wouldn't normally look at insects really but for some reason this one drew my eye. It was a Beefly my very first one ever wow. I knew it was a Beefly because I had seen Minsmere report one a week before and in my curiosity I googled it.. im very glad I did. Now your turn to google it :-)

So the rest of the week on the patch has been very quiet but it was all go today, sort of. Started on the clifftop and picked out a very nice White Wagtail, then soon after a Northern Wheatear.

Moving onto the Disused railway a Blackcap was happily singing away. Chiffchaff all over the place and then a flock of 5 and 7 Fieldfare landed in trees by the New Sewage works.
2 Herons in my new heronry ;-)
Green Woodpeckers, Linnets and a Common Buzzard was the pick of the rest.
Till Tomorrow, I feel a Rare in the Air...

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