Tuesday, 21 August 2012


All i seem to be doing is rant these days so i do apologise, today's no different though i'm afraid.
I was over in Northumberland when a bloody Melodious Warbler was found at Walney Island, well it took nearly 2 hours for the news to be put out for a start but then i suppose we should be lucky it got out before dark or if at all.
I was in the east so it was too far to come back, even though it was a Lifer. So Monday morning came and Keith and i headed for Walney, at the same time waiting for news. We got closer and closer and closer still no news what are these guys playing at. We had waited till 10am as it was because Keith had some work to do, so by 11-30 we had arrived at Walney.. no bird and no birders.
We gave the area a good 3 hour grilling and decided we were wasting our time the bird had moved on.
Now hearing the name Walney just makes me feel sick, i wouldn't have even bothered going for a bird here if i didn't need it but as it was a lifer i had to give it a chance..
So here's the Question WHY oh WHY didn't Walney obs or birders who must have checked for the bird that morning put out news stating it had gone saving Keith and I a 120 mile round trip and probably more than 30 Quid in Petrol, why cos they couldnt give a shit about anyone else that's why. I cant think of a less deserving set of birders or nature reserve to get a rare bird than them.
The Walney Warden wants to pull his finger out his ass and start thinking about others, it takes 1 email to the bird services 7 words.......Cumbria Walney NO SIGN OF MELODIOUS WARBLER.. Copy and paste this if it helps you Warden....
Next someone will tell me no birders or locals or the Warden checked the area for a mega such as the Melodious Warbler that morning eh.... Bullshit!

Rant Over..... till next time

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