Sunday, 25 January 2015

Love it when a plan comes together.

Well actually never planned anything today but all the birds I looked for I managed to get, these are the days I love. Started on the patch but half way round a Turtle Dove was found a great record for the area and the winter so walked back home picked up the van and drove up to Lowestoft and Hubbard's Loke football pitch to great views of the Dove. Shame the Sun was in our face and the bird was 500 yards from the patch boundary.

Picked Rach and the dogs up and made our way to Oulton Broad where I was hoping to see Kingfisher. 1 Brief flyby at first but then we managed to find one sat by the bridge for a couple of minutes. Don't ya just love Kingfishers.

We decided to head for Beccles hoping for Scaup but firstly stopped in at North Cove hopping the Little Owl would show for us, it only flaming well did but again briefly as someone was working in the garden just after we arrived I did manage to rattle of a few shots first luckily.

Arrived at Beccles only for the message Scaup Flushed by Rowers. Ah well cnt win em all I guess so sat and had lunch by the Quay. Finished lunch drinking coffee when the 2 Scaup flew over high looking to land the other side of the bridge, its a good job too because o wouldn't have looked down there. So went on a hunt and found the 2 Scaup showing really nicely. Rattled of a few more pictures and decided to call it a day and what a day its been. Thank you birding Gods :-).

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