Saturday, 16 April 2016


Started early on the patch and it was flaming still raining, when will it ever stop. I did a bit of a Seawatch but it was very quiet until 2 Fulmar flew North together. otherwise bugger all.
I reached Radar lodge and still had saw nothing and I stood hoping something would drop in for ages. The rain stopped and the sun shone briefly and that's when the birds started. Small flocks of Goldfinch and Linnets. I then started back towards Corton when a Male Wheatear dropped out the sky onto the fence and then flew to the Gun turret base and then onto the golf coarse.

 A Swallow then flew over and a few Sandmartins started flying around.
Back at COSW 50+ Sandmartins was the pick of nothing still.

The railtrack hosted bugger all so did the pond. James had found some Wheatear and a Black red by the entrance to the NSW, so ended my day there still pouring with but there were 8 Wheatear and the Black Redstart still to save the day.

I'm due something proper soon its far too quiet and it becoming very frustrating.
I did take a quick pic of a Kestrel.

Just hope tomorrows better.

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