Monday, 23 January 2017

A mixed weekend

In reality it was a very good weekend although i had lots of dips. Luckily the selection of good birds made up for it.
Saturday Rach n I headed for Sherringham hoping to catch up with the Adult Glaucous Gull but this was our first dip. Luckily a Juvenile Glaucous had been present too and this was still here, for a short time anyway.

This monster Great Black Backed Gull was photogenic too.

The Fulmars were back on the cliff and a Shag swam past

After lunch and a walk through town we headed for Cromer for a showy Black Redstart and true to its word it showed really nicely.


So we may have missed the Adult Glauc but the showy birds made up for it.

Sunday we headed for Thetford and started at Knettishall and an elusive Little Bunting No surprise really but after and hour and a half we dipped. We did get Corn Bunting which is the first time in a couple of years Ive seen em in the UK. A really good site for Grey Partridge, Yellow hammer and Reed Bunting too.

We then headed to Thetford looking for Gulls at the recycling centre but as it was closed (Sunday) there were very few gulls, i did pick out a 1st Winter Caspian and a very nice Adult Yellow Legged Gull. Dipped on the Glauc and Iceland that had been about. Next onto Lynford for the Hawfinchs and we weren't to be disappointed, i counted at least 14 into roost with a couple that were distant but did sit out nicely giving us all good scope views.

A male and female Crossbill showed much better.

 It was now getting late but tried locally for Golden Pheasant but again i was to be disappointed with a dip. Dip to start the day and dip to end, it was a very good weekend all being said.

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