Saturday, 11 February 2017

Latest Digiscoping setup Panasonic GX8

Its probably time I went through my latests set up for Digiscoping. Cameras move on so fast. I loved my Leica D-lux 5 but i realised once I borrowed Danny's Panasonic GX7 that the camera was lacking mega pixels and restricting me to portrait shots only. With this new 2/3rds camera rather than full frame I could now get flight shots, crop more heavily and take multiple shots, I was restricted to 3 frame per second but the GX7 gave me at least 8 fps. After feeling very impressed with the GX7 I went the hole hog and brought myself the upgraded Panasonic GX8. The camera has a 20.3-megapixel MFT sensor compared with only 10 for the Leica. Leica Cameras for the same quality and MP are just far too expensive now and has unfortunately out priced itself from my budget range.
So my Current set up is still the Leica Apo 82 Scope but now using a custom adapter made by SRB Griturn SRB Website This adapter still slots straight onto the eyepiece of my scope.

This attaches to a Panasonic Lumix G 20mm/F1.7 Pancake Len. Because this a 20mm lens and a 2/3rd camera i have very little and almost 0 Vignetting which unlike my old Leica which had vignetting up to about 4x zoom. the difference is i no longer can zoom up on my camera but I can use the zoom eyepiece on the scope instead which works just as good if not better.

I have used very similar settings as my Leica all the settings are set to 0, i.e. sharpening, saturation etc and i always use Aperture priority, the major difference now is I only use Manual Focusing which is a lot harder but made slightly easier with focus peaking which is a system within the camera which turns the area you wish to focus on green enabling good focusing. The overall quality of the pictures are much better due to the extra mega pixels. Another bonus with this camera is the swivel screen although i do use the small viewfinder rather than the screen to find and focus on the subject now.

The only downside i have found so far is the weight of the camera, you have to be very careful you don't but excess pressure on the scope foot, mine was weak and it snapped and had to have it replace. The Swaro has an extra large footplate to stop that happening but I'm yet to source one for the Leica Scope. 

Here are some of the latest results on my flicker page. Flicker

 I was feeling a little left behind with the Leica Camera but now I feel like I'm catching up with the good digiscopers again.


  1. You've overtook them Mr Craig Shaw. You're pictures are great just like you 👍

  2. Great pictures, Craig you must be very pleased with your setup. I guess it works well in video mode too.

    1. its absolutely brilliant video footage Derek due to new 4K video technology, the only problem is I cant watch it as I don't have 4K software.

  3. Hi Craig
    Can you please tell me exactly what to order from SRB… I want to use the GX7 and the 20mm f1.7 but with the 65mm Leica… the eyepiece is obviously the new 25-50 as per your 82mm set up. Their website is mind-blowing with options and I don't want to get it wrong. Many thanks Paul

    1. Hi paul, i emailed SRB with my camera details and scope details and they then did all the hard work, they knew the dimensions of the camera and the eye piece, although you could tell them the dimensions your self if you wish. they built mine from the same it as yours as i started with the GX7 which is the same as the GX8 uses the same 20mm pancake lens. let me know how you get on.

    2. Many thanks Craig
      I will tell them what you said and let you know. really appreciate your reply.
      Respect paul

  4. I am trying to go one step better and actually use a LEICA D-LUX 4 Digiscoping adapter which fits the Leica 25-50 'like a glove'…
    but trying to find a 46mm male (external) thread (for my lumix 20mm lens) to a 45mm female (internal) thread step ring for the above adapter is impossible.
    This would be the best fit ever…
    Regards Paul

  5. Good morning...i am a keen amateur photographer with no experience of digiscoping....know what it is...never done it....i am currently shooting on a lumix gx9 and would like a little info on connecting to the 20mm lens....i am looking at an entry level Celestron scope and just need an idiot's guide to connecting the 2 pieces of kit please....if your still out there...thanks.