Sunday, 8 October 2017

Patching 08.10.2017

Been a Very hard slog all day covering the patch several times, it looked good first thing with Brambling and Redwing flying over the house as i left. in total probably 10 Brambling and 30+ Redwing and 15 Song Thrush.
Now my plan was to find a Yellow Browed Warbler, all day Lowestoft and Southwold was finding plenty, could i find one on the patch could i buggery. My first patch Pinkfeet 100+ in flight going North, Grey Wagtail, 2 Golden Plover, Common Snipe, Grey Heron lots of Robin and Goldcrest, 1 Coal Tit. Small Groups of Redpolls and Siskin was the pick of the day...
So come 15-45 Ive given up and started to walk home, Ive had enough, luckily i bump into James who has just found a Lapland Bunting, so after a couple of passes of the coast stubble field nothing until Shep put it up.and it flew around for ages with 2 Skylark. It eventually went back into cover but soon took flight again and headed inland. We were long way off at this point so nothing to do with us.
Anyway nice to actually see something today. So yes id given up BUT as i walked towards my house on Station Rd what do i hear from the sycamores in the park, only a flipping Yellow Browed Warbler, 50 yards from home, after allll that walking. Got fairly good views in the tops of the trees too.
Now Ive typed what Ive seen today its actually not been bad, although YBW and Lapland saved the day really.

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