Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Best day of the year patching

So finished work and headed for COSW. A Lesser Whitethroat was singing from the hedge close to the allotments. Moved onto the cliffs where a cracking Summer Plumage Littoralis Rock Pipit flew up and around out of site. On the wet area by the OSW i picked up 2 pied and a White Wagtail. Someone had seen 6 Yellow Wagtails earlier so i waited hoping they would come back. Just 1 did a few circuits of the pools and eventually landed. 1 will do but i did hope it would have been a Blue headed Wagtail.

2 Wheatear was it otherwise here.

Moved through the churchyard where it was far too quiet onto the Dis Railtrack where it really hotted up. Found a cracking 1st Summer Male Pied Fly and possibly a 2nd with it and it wasnt until James and James turned up that 2 were confirmed. Adult and 1st Summer.

To add to the Flycatchers a Brambling was calling from the trees above, and at least 2 or 3 Willow Warblers then a rare for me Garden Warbler.

Moved through to the NSW pond where a 3rd Male Pied Flycatcher was showing. Amazing really as the spring has few records here.
James then found a Whinchat at the NSW Entrance, When i turned up there were probably 4 Wheatears and then 2 Whinchats together then the female Ring Ouzel was still around and flew past James and I.

Lastly Hobby over and a Greenshank calling as it flew past distantly.
Best Day of the year so far, Awesome.

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  1. Cannot boast of being a birder, but I'm a passionate bird lover. Charming birds, thanks for a break!