Sunday, 5 June 2022

Hollelsley and some Suffolk Orchids.

Didn't get bank holiday Thursday off but did get Friday off, so a weekend on the patch. Its great there is still water in the flash however birds are still sparce, mind you its great for the 100+ Gadwall on site and for the couple of pairs of Pintail and 3 pairs of Coot. 

Spoonbill are becoming daily now with upto to 4 seen.

A male Stonechat had me checking for Siberian as the white rump, in the wings and neck were very close to a male Siberian. Not enough white in the rump however making this just a well marked Common Stonechat.

This afternoon i nipped inland to a site I had been kindly given for Man and Bee Orchids. Man Orchid being one id not seen before I don't think.


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