Tuesday, 6 December 2011

05th December More Geese.

Keith called me Sunday night when he found some Whitefronted Geese. He said these looked like Greenland Whitefronts, there had been quite a few European Whitefronts coming into the country so finding some Greenland Whitefronts was a very good find. He checked them carefully when he also found a Juv European Whitefront too. Well done Keith.
So on the Monday i managed to finish work a little early due to the heavy Snow where i was working and managed to find the flock of 53 Whooper Swans, 11 GREENLAND Whitefronts and the very tiny Juv EUROPEAN Whitefront.
It was cold and still snowing so took a few record shots and went home to the warmth of my new fireplace. ;-)
There's now at the very minimum 185 European Whitefronted Geese in Cumbria, and incredibly high number and probably unheard of in the County.

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