Thursday, 8 December 2011

8th December Little Auk tops the bill.

I'm still working from home and the strong winds gave me some hope of finding something, so off i went to Workington for a short seawatch before visiting the Dentist. Having stood in the cold wind and Rain I was greatly rewarded...........
1 close Little Auk went South  an Adult Little Gull lingered quite far out for a while but then a little later 2 Adult little Gulls flew South but much closer followed by 2 Fulmar Loads and Loads of Kittiwakes and 500+ Cormorant
Then after my Dentist appointment I stopped at Soddy Gap where there were 2 European Whitefronted Geese with the 250 Greylag geese. Now i had expected some rare geese here seeing as there were so many in the county, so it was only a matter of time. Also on the pond were 3 Goldeneye and a lot of Goosander 80-100 didn't count. A nice finish to a good few hours birding again.
European White-fronted Goose

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