Sunday, 25 August 2013

Green with envy

Did I tell ya I LOVE Suffolk and being here, my eyes has been opened to the potential of UK Wildlife. So what happened today, you don't know! well ill tell ya.
Started at half 5 as usual checking my local patch, (Corton) Pied Fly was my first bird of the day once again in the Churchyard, it went down hill a bit after this, I honestly think it was too early. By about 10 am birds were starting to turn up A couple of Common Redstarts but that was about it until a twitch was on at North Denes for a Quail but we couldn't find it again. Then a Greenish was found 100 yards away missed that too Doh! Did find this Clouded Yellow though AND I managed to photograph it woohoo ;-)

So back to Corton Old Sewage Works, Redstarts again and then I re-found the Wryneck mini twitch followed. 2 Whinchat here also. Then the Greenish at North Denes was re-found but this time I managed to see it and heard it calling many times, what a bird, I was now very happy. Garden Warbler was a new bird. Back to Corton and missed a Greenish again but it felt bad cos it was on the patch. Had a good wander around but didn't see much until another Greenish Warbler was found and after a bit of searching I re-found it in the caravan park so made my day again awesome place finally Willow Warbler came in off sea... by now it was getting late and time for home.
Large White

Migrant Hawker

Willow Warbler

Willow Warbler

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