Thursday, 2 January 2014


Woohoo at work today I arrived on site in the centre of Norwich got out the van and could hear Redwing and then I could have sworn I heard a Waxwing. So I had a quick walk up the road to look in any trees but nothing. So inside one of the properties I looked at some much taller trees out the back and spotted what looked like a Waxwing, without bins it was difficult to be sure but then it flew past the window close enough to see it was a Waxwing..Bingo!!! after I finished me job I wanded up to the trees it came out of and I then heard a few Waxwings and then counted 12 altogether mixed in with the redwings. They sat in sun preening  and calling to each other then flew off but came back fairly quickly. I then watched em fly off again and typically a few birders turned up and the buggers never came back. They were spotted a short distance away though luckily.
Waxwings have been thin on the ground this winter so I feel very lucky.

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