Thursday, 5 June 2014

Red Backed Shrike

Now every patch goes through a dry patch and since the Bee eater its being very quiet until today. Walking along the coast patch I put my bins up in the direction of the Old Sewage works, perched was a very large Spotted flycatcher, that's a bloody shrike. So I got a slight bit close and yes a female Red Backed Shrike BINGOOOO. So I put the news out and had to run back home to pick up my camera and scope DOH.... So picked up my gear and drove back and luckily it was still present. Great to see the locals turning up. Love it when birds stop about for all to see.

So this lifted the spirits somewhat so went on the hunt for something else, there was a long staying male Northern Wheatear around the New Sewage Works and a Willow Warbler singing away now this is a rarity here. after this not much but I still love my patch..

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