Sunday, 8 June 2014

Spectacled Warbler finally.

This is one of those times where I hear bad stories about bad photographers and bad birding harassing a bird. This has put me off twitching so I didn't really want to see this long staying Spectacled Warbler at Burnham Overy until the crowds had died down. Today though I awoke with a fresh perspective and a spring in my step Spectacled Warbler here we come.
A late start but a steady drive towards Norfolk passing Pensthorpe Wildlife Park and picking up 2 Raptors in the air, 1 was a Common Buzzard the second a beautiful adult Honey Buzzard, we couldn't stop on the buzy main road but turned around only to find it had drifted through and disappeared.
We arrived at Burnham Market at 12 and decided to have lunch first then move to Burham Overy. Walking along the bank it was nice to watch Little Tern and then and Adult and a 1st summer Spoonbill high in the sky.

Arrived at the spot where the bird was and immediately hear it singing away, cross between a Whitethroat and a Dartford Warbler I found. It took a good 20 minuets before it showed itself and singing as it reached the top of a stem only to fly when it got out in open. It did this a frustrating number of times but I was occasionally quick enough to rattle off some digiscoped shots.

We enjoyed the bird for an hour or so before heading off to do Rachel's stuff, my birding was complete.

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