Sunday, 5 July 2015

Banded Demoiselle and Bee Eaters

I went out for a run around the patch this morning but very little of interest. So this afternoon after watching the Grand Prix Rach n I went searching for the 10 Bee Eaters that had been seen all day at Leiston. When we arrived there had been no sign for an hour so decided just to go for a walk to Leiston Abbey instead.

Whilst having a wander around this wonderful ruin I heard the familiar calls of the Bee Eaters. YES!!! I never did see them though as I was too low down and the ruin walls were in the way. Another birder with his family were too on site and they had heard them too.
We finished looking around the ruins and went in search of the Bee Eaters but ended up at some beautiful river where these Banded Demoiselle were showing incredibly well. We never did see the Bee Eaters again.

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