Friday, 3 July 2015

Carlton Marsh

It was nice to take a long over due day off today. So the dogs and I headed for Carlton Marsh just down the road. it was a red hot day so there were loads of Butterflies and Dragonflies about.

Then the dogs found me and extremely good looking Grass Snake sunning itself.

We reached the scrape to a number of waders, Wood Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper, Little Ringed Plover, Black tailed Godwit and a Flying Greenshank. Other bits were a nice Hobby and lots of Black tailed Skimmers.
Wood Sandpiper

 Green Sandpiper

 Little Egret and Black tailed Godwit

 I continued round to James Jane and the gang curious as to what they were watching.. MARSH WARBLER Wow, but it had flow into thick cover DOH. I waited with the gang for a good while but nothing so moved slightly down the bank where after another 45 I finally picked the bird up in sub song. It wasn't going to show itself though. Willow Warbler and Goldfinch were just a couple of its mimicking songs. Headed home as id had enough of the sun now :-)

Come half 7 I decided to head back to Carlton just incase the Marsh Warbler was going to sing and show better but no luck as the mist dropped in. This Cuckoo and 2 Barn Owls made up for it though. Best views of cuckoo ive had for a long time.

What a great day, Wish I had more time off :-)

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