Saturday, 15 October 2016

Dawn to Dusk Birding

Got in a bit of a panic Friday Morning as James had found a Dusky Warbler at Cosw, best bird of the year so far. Bloody work was getting in the way again but luckily it was still there at 4pm that evening Phew. It was great that Geese were moving again. I only had 2 Whitefronts on the patch before this week and after the 26 or so from Thursday night it was great to see another flock of 26, and a small flock of 8 and a 12 that were probably Whitefronts. Bramblings were showing in the nearby trees too.

Back to today, I was out at first light and it was great to see the dusky Warbler was still around the OSW. Other birds on site were more Bramblings my first patch Fieldfares of the Autumn and my first Yellow Browed Warbler of the day.
The Dusky moved out of sight and I got a message of James saying he had another Probable Dusky Warbler now at the Dis Railtrack and could I check it out as he was in a hurry and had family stuff to do. It took a while to find but the call sounded spot on and eventually the bird gave great view and sure enough it was another Dusky Warbler, it was possible that we had a second individual. Whilst watching the Dusky another Yellow Browed Warbler was calling nearby and a Ringed Plover flew over.
A group of birders were now on site so the coverage was great and one chap spotted a Palla's Warbler but unfortunately it was too brief for anyone else. A Yellow Browed warbler gave good views and called over the next few hours.
A Male Marsh Harrier flew over.
I made my way slowly home for a quick bite to each, on the sea 11 Red Throated Divers and a Guillemot, also 11 Brent Geese South.

After lunch I walked through Furse wood and caught 2 birds flying towards me, they were large and had nicely marked wings, they called as they dropped into the trees, Hawfinch!!!! Bingo!.
Over at the NSW Pond my 3rd Yellow Browed Warbler of the day (or same one doing a circuit)
and then back in the Dis Railtrack a singing Firecrest. .
Again made my way to the OSW and back along the coast to home just before complete darkness.
So all in all a brilliant day although that Rare or Mega still evaded me.

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