Friday, 30 December 2016

Double tick double thrush species trip.

Wow 2 Lifers in the matter of a few days. It was fathers 60th so Rachel n I headed over to Derbyshire for this but n the way down we firstly nipped into Beeley For the Dusky Thrush. It was to distant for photos but it gave good scope views and was viewable pretty much immediately. Bingo.

So a couple of days went past and I had planned to go down for the Blue Rock Thrush in Stow on the Wold. I was only 80 mile away and probably wouldnt get another opportunity to see this species in the UK again anytime soon. Although there is doubt over wether this is a wild bird or not. I wouldn't have twitched this from Suffolk but seeing as I was closer it had to be done. Typically news came out as not being present and thought well that saved me a trip. We were due to leave Derbyshire for home by lunch but news broke that it had been refound, so I left Rachel with family and headed south, arriving on site by 2pm.
I arrived to people running so I parked up and did a bit of running myself spotting the bird in a back garden and then on the roofs. The bird gave great views in the sunshine for about 20 min before the mist rolled in and the bird blended into the back ground making photos a waste of time. The fog never did lift so by 4pm I was heading back to Derby. Still a great trip with 2 ticks and 2 Thrush species.  


Will see what i can jam in on tomorrow on my way home.

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