Saturday, 31 December 2016

More Geese

So i wasn't planning on more Geese but unfortunately my return home via North Norfolk had me only looking at Geese because there wasn't really much else to look for.  Docking there was just Pinkfeet and the bloody Red Breasted Goose had done a bunk again after being there everyday since my last visit, no Todds or Beans this time either. Further down the road i spotted a few Geese East of Burnham Norton. The first birds were Greylags then i noticed a European White fronted Geese then i counted 30, they were really close to the road too.

 Last stop because time had been flown by was Stiffkey Car park where a Male and Ringtail Hen Harrier flew West and a Merlin was hunting.  Had loads of plans Waxwings Black Brant etc but there just wasn't enough light in the day. Still been a great day and a really great 2016 bird wise. if i get bored maybe ill do  yearly review.

Happy New Year Everyone and once again thanks for looking

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