Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Sodding Spoonbill at Soddy

The last few days has had me checking Soddy everyday, 4 Raven on-site the whole time and a Female Teal had me looking twice. A Male black-tailed Skimmer again. but otherwise very quiet, getting despondent again. THEN on the 10th July (Yesterday as i write) an amazing find for Keith this morning at 8am on Soddy gap pond...... Spoonbill one of the best birds for Soddy ever and i missed it doh!!!!!! He gave me the running commentary over the phone as it flew off so i didn't even get time to rush out the house. It must have roosted there last night.... Well gutted..... So checked siddick ponds and workington in-case it was still in the area but no joy. Pintail summering and Wigeon on siddick was the best i could do here........gutted.... Did i say that....
So i moved onto Parton where a massive group of Kittiwakes, Gannets and Gulls were feeding of shore, 23 Common Scoter on the water along with 12-15 Manxies. 4 Dunlin and a Ringed plover were on the beach but again that was it. Had lunch at Whitehaven with a friend (yes i do have 1 or 2 friends sort of ) and a walk around the harbour produced a nice Full Hooded Crow ...
Finished the day waiting in the pouring rain till dark for the Spoonbill at Soddy to NOT return to roost and nothing new in and was all very quiet...GUTTING!!!! oh i said that didnt I.
Still Well done to Keith for an amazing find..... grrrr ;-) not jealous MUCH ;-)

I saw a moth in the meadow so decided to id it my first for Soddy a Straw Dot... I no nothing about moths so its bound to be a first ;-).

Straw Dot Moth


  1. well gripping at such a crap time of year, i missed the Old sandsfield one on my patch too. still autumn soon cheers nick

    1. cheers nick its hard to take.. there will never be another on Soddy.. Roll on Autumn..