Monday, 23 July 2012

Workington Pier

Had a quick check at Low meadows which was flooded, it has the most water ive ever seen in-it. Of coarse no birds.....

I managed 2 and a half hours on the pier at Workington in strong Southerly winds today. The visibility was poor at best cleared occasionally but the southerly winds meant there wasn't much on the move.
I did pick up 3 female Eider (rare here), 12 Manxies, 15 Sandwich tern, 1 Fulmar, a handful of Gannets,Kittiwakes and Guillemots.
Also what I can only describe as a snout and tail of what looked like a Basking Shark, I no I don't believe me either, not sure what else it could have been????
Oh yeah not forgetting Stumpy the Med Gull in part moult, i think for its fifth year, Welcome back stumpy.

Greylag at Soddy


  1. well done spotting a basker craig! its a hotspot for them in isle of man waters so no reason why cant get them off cumbrian coast...

    1. Cheers Ewan im well please, it was a right swell today too i was very very lucky....should say snout and fin not tail although i may just may have seen a very small amount of tail.