Sunday, 15 July 2012


I was being a bit Bone Idle this morning and had no get up and go but eventually i got up and went....Birding that is. Rach n I started at Allonby, we initially drove past but i decided we should go back and check the gulls gathering on the beach by the water outflow. Good job we did because the first bird i latched eyes on was a 3rd Summer Yellow Legged Gull, rare in Cumbria. The Rest of the Gulls were just Herring and Lesser Black backs. i took a couple of crappy record shots and left. Sorry the pics don't do it justice.

 We checked a few roadside fields that had large areas of mud and water but no proper birds anywhere. Anthorn again nothing of any note, so went to get something to eat.
After lunch we moved onto Port Carlisle, 150 Dunlin, 4 Sanderling, 200 Redshank, 30 Golden Plover, 2 Common Tern, and a single Whimbrel.
The rest of the coast was very quiet, i did check all the Black Headed Gulls but not a Med gull to be found. Still an Ok day.

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