Saturday, 29 December 2012

Last couple of days.

28th December...
Keith n i had a good look around for the geese today. 4000 Pinks in back fields at Blackdyke, nothing obvious but half a dozen Barnacles.
Geese up n down the Solway but generally just Barnacles and Pinks.
Eventually the lesser Canada goose was found back on Skinburness marsh after lunch by a couple of visiting birders but was flushed by a peregrine 10 min before we got there. Im having no luck with any of the rare geese this back end..
We Didn't really see many waders or anything out the ordinary after this.

29th December
Keith and I had a great spectacle of Waders at Grune this morning, hard to count but they were like starlings tens of thousands, maybe near 50000 waders, mix of Knot, Dunlin and Bar-tailed Godwits. Probably 700 Bar-tails. Good numbers of Curlew including a very pale bird. 600 Wigeon, smaller number of teal, Merganser and Mallard. Small Numbers of geese
Raptors just female Merlin and a Kestrel.
The waders were one of the best sights in Cumbria this year for me, almost like being at Snettisham in Norfolk.

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