Sunday, 28 April 2013

Dippy de do daaa

Friday morning i decided to dash to Spurn after work for the Rufus Rock Thrush that had been present for a couple of days.. Unfortunately i got there after dark so couldnt look for it that evening, shame cos it was reported till dark. So after my kebab i went to be stopping at the obs, i had a snorer in my room so had real trouble sleeping. 5-15 next day i was out searching for the Rock Thrush along with many others.... complete blank! NOOOOOOOO! So i headed along the point looking for my own stuff. Unfortunately it was rather quiet. Yellow Wagtail, Common Whitethroat, Whimbrel, Wheatear and a few Meadow pipits was it, Really Really Really quiet for Spurn.  So after returning to the car i stopped a little longer hoping the Thrush would materialise but no. So headed for Flamborough nailing the Iberian Chiffchaff seeing as this would now be a lifer, recently split?
It never did sing but the Siskin like call was diagnostic. I deleted all pics as they were all blurred, impossible to digiscope.
I then had an hour Seawatch best thing i could pick put was a close Black Tern going North.
All weekend my Camera hardly got out the bag.
Crap crap weekend really the Chiffchaff being a small consolation.

Very Frustrating!

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