Saturday, 25 January 2014


Well the pain is my Vans broken the Fuel Injection is Ker plunked!!! probable cost over 250 quid, so I dropped it off at the garage and went to Oulton Broad for a walk with the dogs. It was nice to see a few good birds, the Glossy Ibis showed eventually as it spent the first hour out of sight and eventually showed itself. There were 2 Siberian Chiffchaffs here too and again they took there time showing themselves but at least they did show eventually. I was going to spend a bit of time trying to photograph them but had a call from the garage admitting they couldn't do the job as they didn't have the equipment, Balls!!!! As they shut at half twelve it meant we had to cut the birding short. A Cettis Warbler and a Common Chiffchaff on the brisk walk back were bonus year ticks.
Dropped Van back home and went shopping then after lunch had a walk around Corton Wood looking for a mega for the area, Nuthatch! couldn't find it, there had been 3 Firecrest too but never saw any of them, not a great finish to the day. No pictures today either.. booo.


  1. What a lame excuse for not getting a Sibe Chiffy photo! ;-)